Updating a 1930 s house

The world was modernising with new products, new forms of entertainment and pastimes that also reflected in a change in the culture.

People desired to move to smaller villages and set up family life in semi-detached homes, which were typically set out in a terraced pattern.

And that’s what happened – eventually – with three strikingly stylish detached modern houses designed by O’Mahony Pike.

The original house also underwent a major renovation by the same architects borrowing some of the features from the new houses such as the zinc window treatments, and inside it has the look and feel of a high-spec new build. One of the new houses, called Druantia, came on the market earlier this year. Called Belisama, which isn’t badly spelled Italian but, according to the Sherry Fitz Gerald agent, the name of the Celtic goddess of sunlight.

Clare accomplished all this and more.“The front, enclosed verandah was opened up and doors added to lead into the former main bedroom, which became a study,” Clare says.The traditional doors of the time were of a subtle pastel colour with and made of oak or pine and featuring iron nails and door furniture.The door might have a window panel and mail slot, as post boxes were not common yet.The original wrought-iron gates – a quirky and very cute feature of this development is gates with animal motifs – have happily been kept.

The house has been repainted throughout and has been furnished for the sale.Although we’re based in Nottingham, we can also arrange delivery across the rest of the country.



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